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Jorge Amado - Tereza Batista and other works (17 books)
Other > E-books
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Literature Fiction Classics Modernism Social Realism Latin American literature Portuguese literature Brazilian literature
2019-10-24 05:45:39 GMT
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JORGE AMADO (1912-2001) was a Brazilian writer whose modernist stories of life in the eastern state of Bahia won captured the public imagination and international acclaim.  Translated into 49 languages, his books reflect Brazil's culture, inequalities and contradictions, and have been adapted into films, theatrical works and TV programs.Amado's books stress Brazil's African heritage, and the mixing of races that defines the country's population, as positive values.  His novels are populated by fishermen, street children, caretakers, prostitutes, immigrants, working men and women -- and those who exploited them.  They are accessible, with plenty of action and melodrama, and written in colloquial, and at times ribald, language.  "I'm under no illusions about the importance of my work," Amado once said. "But if it has any worth, it is that it truly reflects the Brazilian people."Having grown up on a cacao plantation, several early works emphasize the exploitation and misery of the migrant blacks, mulattoes, and poor whites who harvest the crop on such plantations and generally expressing communist solutions to social problems.  The best of these works, THE VIOLENT LAND (1942), about the struggle of rival planters, has the primitive grandeur of a folk saga.Amado's literary career paralleled a career in radical politics that won him election to the Constituent Assembly as a federal deputy representing the Communist Party of Brazil.  He was imprisoned and periodically exiled for his leftist activities.  Many of his works were banned in Brazil and Portugal, but he gained an international reputation with the publication of JUBIABÁ (1935), which was hailed by Albert Camus as “a magnificent and haunting” book. He abandoned active political life in 1954 but continued to produce novels with facility, most of them picaresque, ribald tales of Bahian city life, especially that of the racially conglomerate lower classes.  His new creative phase, with more humour and less ideology, began with GABRIELA, CLOVE AND CINNAMON (1958), which was described by Jean-Paul Sartre as "the best example of a folk novel".  Amado abandoned, in part, the realism and the social themes of his early works, producing a series of novels focusing mainly on feminine characters, devoted to a kind of smiling celebration of the traditions and the beauties of Bahia.  In addition to GABRIELA these novels included DONA FLOR AND HER TWO HUSBANDS (1966) and TEREZA BATISTA (1972), both of which preserve Amado's political attitude in their satire.The following books are in PDF or ePUB format as indicated:* Captains of the Sands (Penguin, 2013).  Gregory Rabassa, trans. -- ePUB
* Discovery of America by the Turks (Penguin, 2012). Gregory Rabassa, trans. -- ePUB
* Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands (Avon, 1988).  Harriet de Onis, trans. -- PDF*
* Double Death of Quincas Water-Bray (Penguin, 2012). Gregory Rabassa, trans. -- ePUB
* Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon (Crest, 1964). Taylor and Grossman, trans. -- PDF*
* Golden Harvest, The (Avon, 1992).  Clifford E. Landers, trans. -- PDF^
* Home is the Sailor (Avon, 1979).  Harriet de Onis, trans. -- PDF
* Jubiabá (Avon, 1984).  Margaret A. Neves, trans. -- PDF
* Pen, Sword, Camisole (Avon, 1989).  Helen Lane, trans. -- PDF^
* Shepherds of the Night (Avon, 1988).  Harriet de Onis, trans. -- PDF
* Show Down (Bantam, 1988).  Gregory Rabassa, trans. -- PDF^
* Tent of Miracles (Avon, 1978).  Barbara Shelby, trans. -- PDF
* Tereza Batista: Home From the Wars (Avon, 1977).  Barbara Shelby, trans. -- PDF
* Tieta (Knopf, 1979).  Barbara Shelby Merello, trans. -- PDF^
* Two Deaths of Quincas Wateryell (Avon, 1988).  Barbara Shelby, trans. -- PDF
* Violent Land (Penguin, 2013).  Samual Putnam, trans. -- ePUB
* War of the Saints, The (Bantam, 1993).  Gregory Rabassa, trans. -- PDF^PDF^ = courtesy of @Mohamed5438
PDF* = courtesy of @pharmakate_____________________________________________________________________________CONTACT ME: You can reach me with comments, suggestions, requests, error reports, yada-yada-yadas and you-know-whats, at the TPB forum: 
https://pirates-forum.org/User-workerbee  PLEASE HELP TO SEED!  If you like these books and want others to have access to them, please help to seed for as long as you can.  The more you seed, the longer the torrent will live, and the easier it will be for me to upload new content.  Thank you!

Type SE
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